Review – Okobay’s Coconut Water Ice

We’ve been so lucky with the weather recently. The sunshine is gorgeous, and perfect picnic weather too, so when it’s like this, there is nothing nicer than finding somewhere for a spot of sunbathing, snoozing and feeling the grass between your toes. Obviously if you’re anything like me you will stock up on lots of snacks (check out this delicious recipe for strawberry shortbread) and what I really want on a hot summer’s day is an ice-lolly!


A lot of ice-lollies can be full of sugar and other yukky stuff, but I’ve managed to find something refreshing, delicious and HEALTHY! Yay! OkoBay’s Coconut Water Ice ‘Ice Ice Baby’ is made with baby coconuts and comes in two delish flavours – original coconut, and if you fancy something extra exotic, coconut with pineapple flavour too! Coconut water is very à la mode at the moment, and this is the first ice-lolly to be made of the stuff. It has great hydrating qualities, a fab taste and tons of nutritional benefits (it contains calcium and magnesium, and more heart healthy potassium than 2 bananas!). Better still, they’re dairy free, gluten free, soy free, suitable for vegetarians and contain no artificial ingredients sweeteners, preservatives or colours – and amazingly are only 63 calories per serving!

10349695_729550933752940_1208281569_a It’s so nice to find a treat that’s not full of sugar and is just so naturally sweet. It’s tastes and feels a little bit like a sorbet and feels really naughty and indulgent (even though your body is loving it!). Minx loves them too, which is great – but the downside is that I can see our freezer getting chocker-block full really quickly!

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