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Eyebrows. How can such little things make such a big difference? I don’t know, but they do. They say your eyebrows frame your face and as we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, we sometimes do. As an EA or a PA we are often the first point of contact for anyone meeting our employers and feeling good about ourselves promotes positivity and confidence within, hence my try out of 3D eyebrows:

Before_After - Donna Some of us are born with great eyebrows and some of us have to have great eyebrows painted onto us. For those of us who fall into the latter category, there is a far more attractive and longer lasting solution which, with a quick trip to the salon, will leave you with natural looking, shapely brows for minimal cost. I tried it and am now the owner of a set of full luscious brows. Move over, Cara Delevingne.

img_6145 - Donna - DuringFaceframe 3D Eyebrows is an award-winning, painless, non-invasive beauty treatment suitable for women and men of all ages, and skin types who wish to enhance their natural brows and frame their face.

Originally invented to help cancer patients or individuals with alopecia and permanent scarring with little or no eyebrow hair achieve totally natural looking brows, Faceframe 3D Eyebrows add length, thickness and definition without the use of tints, powders, pencils or needles. Instead, Faceframe works by securing individual synthetic hairs directly onto the skin to extend and enhance what Mother Nature gave you.

img_6144 - Donna - During

The result is bespoke, three-dimensional, totally realistic-looking eyebrows which last up to two weeks and cost from as little as £15. And, because there are three different shades and lengths to choose from, Faceframe will work whether it’s length, thickness, colour or definition that you are after. It can be used on either patchy eyebrows or brows with no hair at all.

You might be wondering, is it safe? The answer is, yes. The unique adhesive that fixes the brows is specially patented and 100% safe and EU approved. It is also totally transparent, has a matt finish and is water and sweat proof. So you can swim, run or get caught in the rain and your eyebrows behave just like natural ones.

img_6148 - Donna - DuringSo, put down your tweezers, pack away your eyebrow pencil and book yourself in for a Faceframe session instead. It will take, roughly, 15 minutes of your time but could make you look years younger. And that sounds like a fabulous deal to me.

Faceframe 3D Eyebrows are available in salons nationwide. Average treatment times are 15 minutes with salons advised to charge around £1 per minute. A half-brow or brow fill can take around 35 minutes and 50 minutes for a full set.


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