Product Review – TanOrganic – Original Organic Self Tan

I imagine that many of you will be jetting off soon for sun, sea, sand and cocktails… A few of you may even be lucky enough to come back with that beautifully sun-kissed glow that the rest of us can only dream of.

But if you’re anything like me, I find it that getting a ‘proper’ sun tan too difficult – I stay pasty white all year round, but during the summer months when I do actually change from jeans for at least two weeks I need to put something on my legs otherwise the glare could literally stop traffic! Also, sitting out in the sun for hours as we all know is just too dangerous for our skin.

TanOrganic Self-tanning lotion

The struggle to strike the right balance between topping up your tan naturally against the dangers of UV means that many of us will resort to fakery. So if you’re a tan-in-a-bottle kinda girl (the healthiest kind) then guess what? I’ve found a great fake tan that, uniquely, has a 100% natural and organic formula. It’s a win win.

TanOrganic Self-Tanning OilIt’s called TanOrganic; it’s a great colour, made from 99.6% natural ingredients, no perfume or fragrance, Aloe Vera based. *thumbs up* – Plus, it really lasts and you don’t get that weird giraffe-skin look when it starts to fade. There is an exfoliation glove to even out your skin (and any tan you have) before you start again. Another essential is the Oil Arganic which keeps the skin moisturised, thus prolonging the self tan and promoting the ‘perfect fade’ – this also dries instantly, so you don’t have to worry thinking this tan regime is going to be super time-consuming, it really isn’t.

TanOrganic OilArganic

My skin feels great and nobody can tell how naturally pasty I am underneath it… (Keep that a secret please). I like it because the tone is just right, and not an artificially orange ‘tangoed’ look. With no synthetic colours or preservatives, it really is ideal for those of us who like to take care of our skin whilst retaining lovely glowy skin. (All year round too, if we want to).

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