Recipe – Moonshine

If you want to genuinely celebrate ‘National Moonshine Day’ here’s a recipe for it, don’t say we don’t think of everything…!

A “genuine” moonshine recipe, still being used is…


5 gallon bucket all grain horse feed (we use MannaPro Hi Grain sweet feed)

One package of yeast (using bread yeast now–others will increase quality and ferment time)

5 pounds sugar



Put enough feed to cover bottom of 5 gallon bucket a good 4 inches deep. Add 5 pounds of sugar. Fill 1/2 full with warm water–warm enough to melt sugar but not so hot as to kill the yeast. Mix until sugar is dissolved. Add yeast and mix some more, finish filling with warm water–again not so hot as to kill the yeast. Cover with a lid–our lid has a little cap that screws on, leave it loose to breathe.


4-5 days later it’s ready to run! This is an old-timer recipe and works quite well. Our liquor is always 170-190 proof. You can substitute corn meal for the grain (horse feed) but I don’t recommend this for pot stills cuz you can’t filter it well enough. The meal will settle and burn in the bottom of your still. The old-fashion way of making corn liquor–with real corn–just is not feasible time wise.


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