Tearoom Review – eteaket, Edinburgh

eteaket (pronounced etiquette) claims to be more than just a cup of tea, and they are right. They are sandwiches, scones and cakes as well. I visited this popular tearoom in Edinburgh’s city centre for lunch, but you can also go for breakfast, brunch or high tea.

ENTRANCEThe decor at eteaket is the way a tearoom should be: plush upholstery in rich colours, delicate flowered chinaware, and little afternoon tea stands spilling with scones and cucumber sandwiches.

BUB_ATI tried the brie and cranberry sandwich on brown bread – made by local artisan bakers. The brie was meltingly soft and the bread lovely and fresh. My friend had a smoked salmon and cucumber sandwich (he’s a bit posh) which he informed me was also delicious. Because it is compulsory to have cake when you visit a tea-room I opted for the carrot cake. All the cakes at eteaket are made by local independent bakers and you can taste the care that has been put into creating them. I thought I would need to take some of my carrot cake home in a box, so generous was the slice, but it turned out it was delicious enough for me to manage it all at once. There was also a sumptuous looking Black Forest cake that caught my eye.

toffeeThe teas at eteaket are served in lovely fine china and even come with a little egg timer so you get the infusion time just right. I had Chilli Rooibos and would definitely do so again – it was delicious and had a unique spicy yet flowery taste. However, there are so many others to choose from it would be a shame to stick to just one. In fact, eteaket have such an extensive range of teas that there is actually a separate tea menu. There are black teas, oolong teas, green teas, white teas, Rooibos teas, fruit and herbal teas, flowering teas and tea lattes. Think of such specialties as White Peach tea (delicate white tea with light and fruity peach), Chocolate Abyss tea (black tea mixed with real chocolate pieces and coconut) and Awesome Assam (a heavyweight malty brew). Thirsty yet?

Screen-shot-2014-04-18-at-15.24.10You can, of course, buy all eteaket teas to take away or online and have a tea party of your own at home, but it’s nice to go out and treat yourself once in a while. I highly recommend eteaket as the place to do that.

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