Hotel Review – The Bingham Hotel, Richmond. London

The Bingham Hotel in Richmond is celebrating their 30th birthday this year, and last weekend I went to check it out.

3707_72615_smallI stayed in the ‘Sweet Briar’ room, which had a beautiful panoramic view of the Thames. Sadly due to the naff English weather it wasn’t a walk down the towpath kinda night, but the glorious Bingham Gardens still looked gorgeous and lush from the windows.

The room itself was lovely. It was a great size with a plush carpet and a super comfy bed. There was also a Jacuzzi bath that I could have stayed in all night and it was exactly what I needed after a busy week. Even though the hotel was at full capacity, it was extremely peaceful and I couldn’t hear a thing from any of the other rooms.

5051_129256_smallThe hotel attracts a lot of foodies to their critically acclaimed restaurant, so needless to say that dinner was delish! I started with a glass of rosé champagne, which was served with an amuse bouche. I then let the maître’d choose the wine for each course for me from the dedicated vegetarian a la carte menu. I had a very nice, dry Riesling with my goat cheese and beetroot starter, then a sauvignon Blanc with new in-season asparagus and wild rice. I finished up with a deliciously light mascarpone mousse, lemon thyme and strawberry sorbet that was accompanied by a Portuguese port. I loved how each drink was carefully matched to the individual courses, such great attention to detail to ensure all hotel guests enjoy their dining experience to its full potential.

3707_129271_smallThe Bingham is a beautifully tranquil place to escape to from the hustle and bustle of London, and yet so quick and easy to get to. The drive for me took just 45 minutes (in Friday traffic too) but you can also get to Richmond on the Tube (District line) or via the overground.


The cosy, intimate feel of this boutique hotel, located in a beautifully restored Georgian Townhouse which overlooks the river Thames, made me feel like I was almost out in the countryside. The staff were attentive and polite, the food was great and the room was incredibly comfy. It was a wonderfully refreshing break.

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