My Week – April 10th, 2014

Happy National Pet day! Go on, give ‘em a tummy tickle although I guess if you have fish it’s tricky and we have a tortoise so will just stroke his shell or possibly easier to just give someone else’s pet a tickle…


It’s the school Easter holiday/work juggle time of the year – I hear you all those who join me as term time ends yet work time doesn’t – God bless all those grandparents who step in to help us all out. *high five * to you.

Last week saw me (or rather heard me) at the ExecSec Summit at Heythrop Park Resort in Oxfordshire, was great to meet lots of PA’s and twitter chums who I hadn’t met in ‘real life’ before. Then Thursday I was part of a panel discussion for Advertising Week Europe held at BAFTA entitled ‘The Power behind the Throne’ with four other celebrity PA’s, it was an interesting discussion about how we got into the job we do, what is involved, why we love it and more. That evening I spoke at a networking evening at Ernst & Young, a very lovely group of PA’s and EA’s networking and making connections with others in their industry, as I always say I’m nothing without my little black book of contacts and I always add to it as events just like that one.

Advertising Week Europe - Day 4

My juggling time with the Minx has been action packed so far; we’ve been to I Can’t Sing at the London Palladium (she has only seen one episode of the X-Factor so had lots of questions), it’s a bit bonkers and almost like watching the X-Factor inside of Harry Hill’s head but good fun if you want to see a parody of the show and your favourite judges. Muppets Most Wanted movie was great, we laughed a lot and brilliant to see some famous faces playing cameo parts (Tom Hiddleston to name but one), The Velveteen Rabbit at the Unicorn Theatre is very sweet, a cast of 4 (including pianist), tell the story of Boy and his toy rabbit who wants to know how to become real, told through lots of play and very good physical, visual storytelling, a real must if you have younger children.


We’re also enjoying being tourists in our own city, why do we never take time to explore the places where we live yet when we go on holiday we absorb as much of someone else’s city as we can? Monday took us to Westminster Abbey, it was fascinating, I’d never been inside before and Minx loved everything about it. Also, one of our ‘not as expensive as some of the other’ tourist traps at £18 for adults and children under 11 go free.

Being freelance and able to work from my smartphone I’m just about managing to fit this in too – hey, that’s what being a PA is all about isn’t it – several balls in the air at the same time?!

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