Cupcake review – Billy’s Bakery, Chelsea, New York City

Marc and Wayne, two friends from business school, founded Billy’s bakery in 2003. Their dream was to provide people with classic American baked goods in a warm, friendly environment much like that of being in Grandma’s kitchen. Oh and boy do they achieve that.

photo 2 (1)From the outside you can see a washing line in the window with Billy’s merchandise hanging from it and vintage cake tins. Inside your nose is hit by the delicious aromas of all the freshly baked cakes that are being baked and iced in store. Trays upon trays of delicious creamy, colourful cupcakes are taunting you. Then the more family/birthday cakes, some with a huge triangle already sliced out enticing you to stick in a finger and pop a blob of icing into your mouth. I didn’t, but I REALLY wanted to!

photo 3 (1)I didn’t know which to try first as they all looked so good and the flavours advertised were making me drool…. The most popular varieties I was told were: Banana Nutella, Carrot and Red Velvet. I love a Red Velvet so I went for that and also tried a Banana Nutella. My daughter is a huge nutella fan but I’m not so fussed, however put it with banana in a cupcake and it’s a winning combination.

photo 1I loved the old fashioned décor, I felt very at home in someone’s well-loved kitchen. Great cupcake stop off if you find yourself wandering around Chelsea and an in need of a sweet treat. And if you’re not in Chelsea, you could always order online.

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