Balance Box Food Delivery Review

I was very fortunate over Valentine’s weekend to not only receive chocolates from my daughter but also a delicious food delivery in the guise of a Balance Box three day supply of food – how fantastic does that sound?

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No thinking about what to eat for three days, snacks in between, everything calorie controlled to a daily 1200 calories. All freshly cooked in the night, put into plastic tubs, boxed up in a cool bag and deposited on my doorstep before 7am.

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Every meal was seriously delicious and so very fresh. Each day named too ‘Fab Friday’, ‘Sumptuous Saturday’ and ‘Scrummy Sunday and they really were. Breakfast was either a banana smoothie granola pot, or roasted mango granola or fresh fruit with rye bread and almond nut butter – doesn’t the sound of those make your mouth water already? Lunch and dinner equally as tasty and delectable – as they are packaged in plastic, lidded containers there is no reason for not taking them out with you wherever you are, either at work or play. Lunch and dinner was to be heated in the microwave or oven.

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I didn’t once feel as though I was eating ‘only’ 1200 calories on each day as there also snacks for the times in the day that you need an extra few mouthfuls of something to keep you going. These were either a tempting ‘Trail bar’, ‘Peanut bar’ or a ‘Berry bar’. Also in the box came fruit with nuts or seeds *fascinating balance box fact: it is better to eat fruit with a handful of nuts and seeds as the protein in the nuts and seeds help to stabilise your blood sugar levels’.

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I would definitely use this service again: it’s great if you have a special event coming up that you might want to lose a few pounds for, ideal for keeping within a healthy calorie controlled daily limit whilst eating real food and also just to give you some recipe ideas for dishes that aren’t full of fats, carbs and oils.

Big thumbs up for Balance Box

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