The Chamber of Celebrity PA Secrets

It’s finally here… after months of teasing, Donna’s book is now available on Amazon (be sure to switch to the website for your country or region), ready to download and read wherever you are.

Coverfinal‘The Chamber of Celebrity PA secrets is an essential resource for aspiring and professional PA’s who want to work for celebrities. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Donna Coulling, whose clients include Helena Bonham Carter, Rachel Weisz and Sir Derek Jacobi, is at the top of her game.

The result is a unique book, filled with indispensable tips and an insight into what makes a truly successful celebrity PA.

Donna’s wealth of experience means she is sought after in the industry. She is a popular public speaker and often asked to give seminars all over the world about her work as a celebrity PA.

This book distills all of that experience in an easy to follow guide and the information given is easily adapted to any PA who wants to better themselves within their own industry as well as finding out more about working for VIP’s.’

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The reviews so far are saying:

 ‘This book is a perfect read for anyone considering a career as a PA and will become the ultimate ‘go to’ bible for any PA wanting to go the extra distance and brush up on their techniques. An absolute treat for the Kindle, there is not doubt about it, ‘The Chamber of Celebrity PA Secrets’ will brighten up a dull commute to work.’ 

‘The book also explains Donna Coulling’s concept of her “Little Black Book.” She mentions that she is no one without her contacts, and shares insights on how you can build your “Little Black Book.” I don’t know many people that really and truly love their job, but you can hear her enthusiasm and passion for her career through these pages.’

‘The Chamber of Celebrity PA Secrets is a useful guide. It’s full of tips that are helpful to PAs in any industry such as keeping ahead, maintaining boundaries and networking. Exercises encourage you to reflect on your skills and their relevance to the role you have or aspire to. It’s not a very long book; the information provided is simple and to the point. Donna’s passion and enthusiasm are evident in her words, and her story is inspiring.’

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