Book Review – Louise Graham’s “Can I Have Chips?”

There was a documentary recently where two twins, who also happened to be doctors, tried high fat and high sugar diets.

Can_I_Have_Chips_Cover_amendedThe conclusion was that it’s actually the combination of fat AND sugar, particularly in processed foods, that’s the issue.  We simply can’t say “No” to foods that have that lethal combination.

It was shortly after watching the documentary, that I was handed a copy of Louise Graham’s “Can I Have Chips?” which says “Fill Up. Lose Weight. Feel Great” on the cover – a hefty promise.

However, Louise Graham, PhD, is a scientist and holistic therapist who’s philosophy is the same as the two TV twin doctors – it’s that deadly combination of fat and sugar again.

It’s a common sense guide that is easy to read.  What it isn’t is another faddy, yo yo diet.  This is something Louise states is the reason why so many of us are so big to begin with – you know where you lose loads of weight on a diet then the moment you start eating “normally” again it all piles on with a little extra few pounds for good measure?!

She suggests eating three meals and day.  If you feel the need to snack, eat nuts, seeds, fruit.  Eating a balanced plate of protein, carbs and fat – but whole foods you’ve preferably cooked from scratch rather than processed foods.

I tried it for a couple of weeks – one week where I was staying with family and one week back at work and my normal routine.  The result of which is that I can honestly say it’s easier to monitor what you’re eating when you’re occupied by dogs who constantly want to go out for walks, then when I came back to work old habits crept in.  Turns out I’m a comfort eater with a penchant for a chocolate bar with her coffee!

The book is filled with some simple tips that are harder in practice then I initially realised, such as eliminating sugar from tea and coffee, and eating fruit instead of chocolate. That said I have cut out sugar now, no longer drink fizzy pop and have reviewed the protein in my diet, so baby steps; after all Rome wasn’t built in a day!!

Louise’s book can be bought from all good retailers for £9.99 and is published by Matador.  For further information on the book and it’s author go to

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