My Week – February 13th, 2014

For all you lovers out there I hope you’ve got your Valentines plans in place and for all you non-lovers I hope you’ve sent yourselves a card (or several) to home or work in time to open tomorrow in front of everyone *DC top tip! *

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Minx had a charity bake sale at school this week so of course, we kept it topical and went with a Valentines theme. I’ve learnt in my time being a mum that it’s not about the quality of sponge in the cake it’s all in the decoration that kids want so we really went for it this time with chocolate icing, edible chocolate heart confetti, pink chocolate smartie and a valentines message on a cocktail stick – surely they were worth the £1 the kids were charging?!

Another brilliant charity idea is the Heinz personalized ‘Get Well Soon’ can of soup campaign with the Children’s charity Starlight. Just ‘like’ their Facebook page and order a can of Heinz tomato or chicken soup for a loved one with their name on (if you are fortunate enough to have healthy people around you, it’s equally brilliant to keep in the cupboard for when they are feeling under the weather) and £1 from each sale goes to Starlight to enable them to provide magical storytellers in Children’s hospital wards – Hurry and order as the campaign finishes at the end of February.

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Trying to keep 2014 healthy I was very excited to run to John Lewis on Oxford Street to see Joe Cross (@joethejuicer) doing a talk and demo. Have you seen his movie ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’? Incredibly inspiring and motivating and if you need a reason to reboot your system or are curious about juicing this is a must watch.

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It’s the BAFTA weekend this weekend so a flurry of activity in celeb land with frocks, shoes, hair, make up and potential winners speeches being prepared. I’m not involved this year but great good luck to those who are (and let’s hope the rain stays off this time….), if you’re not involved either but would like a chance to get your hands on something ‘celebrity’ how about this awesome competition prize – An autographed copy of Avengers Assemble DVD signed by TOM HIDDLESTON? Good luck!

Have a great week,

Donna x

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