Book Review – The Sugar Detox by Brooke Alpert and Dr Patricia Farris

Scary statements to follow:

‘Sugar is the new controlled substance.’ ‘More addictive than cocaine.’ ‘Quite simply, our excess intake of sugar, from the spoonfuls we tip into our tea to the high levels of fructose hidden in packaged foods, is making us fat and sick, and is prematurely ageing our skin.’


Sam from Team DC tried out the Sugar Detox:

‘I never knew just how addicted I was to sugar! If you are looking to significantly reduce your dependence on sugar, this is the book for you.  I love this book because it’s scientifically based, easy to understand and follow. The Sugar Detox lays out a simple dietary plan to rid yourself of that sugar addiction, and to make you look and feel younger. It starts with a 3–day sugar fix…this was the hardest part for me. You need to cut out all sugar including fruit, then as the weeks go on you can gradually include healthy sugars back into your diet.

There is a meal plan for 31 days and it includes many well-written and varied recipes that I found delicious and simple to prepare. Being a vegetarian wasn’t an issue as the protein can be substituted for tofu, beans and pulses. My favourite recipes include the black bean salad and the courgette pasta.

It’s definitely made me more aware of the hidden sugars in my diet and I’m really going to try and stick with it’.

So, who’s with me?




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