My Week – 29th January, 2014

My week has mostly consisted of coughing, ‘tis the time of year after all and everywhere you turn there seems to be someone coughing or sneezing in your face. Annoying when I’ve gotten back into a gym routine to be then struck down with the lurgy. I’m not a fan of rushing to the doctors surgery so have delved into every natural remedy I can get my hands on; Echinacea, propolis, vitamin C, steam inhalation and minx and I have gone to bed every night with Vicks vapour rub on our feet. Who knows if any of it works, however I am feeling a little better  (until the next person coughs in my face) and fortunately I’m not a movie star in the midst of the awards season  – it doesn’t matter who you are, when it comes to the common cold we are but mere mortals.


Amongst the piles of Kleenex there has been the school run, water leaks, school concert (so proud of the minx), flower deliveries, pearl restringing, hundreds of CD’s to put into Itunes (ugh) and missed post office deliveries upon missed post office deliveries.

We managed to squeeze in a Team DC meet up, we’re all spread around the UK so it doesn’t happen often apart from over Skype, and it’s good to get some ‘real’ facetime in. We went to a fave restaurant of ours, Wahaca in Soho – which has great Mexican street food and delicious margheritas (though not a sombrero in sight).

photoHad it been this weekend we would obviously have gone to Chinatown to celebrate the year of the Horse – which I read brings us prosperity and wealth, yay I knew 2014 would bring us all good things,

Happy Chinese New Year y’all!

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