My Week – December 12th, 2013

My last week was spent in Perth, Australia with the Corporate PA Summit. I ran two full day workshops and spoke about being ‘Three Steps Ahead’ at the conference. I met lots and lots of fabulous PA’s and saw Christmas trees and decorations whilst walking around in a sundress! For a Brit this feels SO strange, although I like to think I embraced it…!

photo (2)Having never been to Perth before, and was only there for a short time, I wanted to cram in as much as I could when I wasn’t working. This involved meeting up with a couple of school-friends who I hadn’t seen for over twenty years who thought we should start our reunion and Perth sightseeing at the ‘Lucky Shagpub, a hangout for lots of Brits when they are visiting the City.

photo (4)After flying with British Airways again (I have begun to feel a bit like cabin crew these last few months…) I was really after a cappuccino rather than a cold one, which turned out to be more difficult to find (on the tour they took me on anyway!).

photo (3)

I stayed at the Pan Pacific Hotel right in the Perth CBD, thrilled to find a Target store which we don’t have in the UK (I know, don’t judge me but I love it!) and was whisked away for an evening by my friend Shana who took me out to Cottesloe  to the Cottesloe Beach Hotel – it was great. Fabulous location with top food, and to see the Ocean was a bonus. ‘No dessert here I’m taking you somewhere else for that’ she said – ooh, intrigued as the desserts at the Beach Club looked enticing but no, back in the car and to Leederville. We went to a very cool café called Greens and Co that was bedecked with round paper lanterns; old sofas, makeshift tables and the walls filled with old music posters. They only serve cake, coffee and tea and it was packed to the rafters. Great vibe and as the majority of the CBD was closed on a Monday evening, I wondered if there was either really good TV on that night or maybe just somewhere only locals know where to go… I think I found it…

photo (6)

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