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In the hustle and bustle of Soho is Shoryu – a ramen bar that serves Hakata Tonkotsu created under the guidance and experience of the restaurant’s very own Hakata-born Executive Chef. Last week, we visited the beautifully decorated restaurant and had a chance to try their speciality – which did not disappoint.

Shoryu Soho Launch Party -  "Masu" (traditional wooden saké cups)The décor was the first thing we were impressed with – the restaurant is inviting, warm, and the right mix of intimate and busy. As soon as we took our seats, we felt comfortable and excited to try a selection of dishes from their extensive menu.

We started the meal with delightful cocktails that challenged our taste buds to try new flavours; they were delicious. The Matchanilla Tini was a personal highlight; a cocktail that mixes matcha green tea, gin, vanilla liqueur, and geikkekan nigori cloudy sake. It’s creamy, strong and a fresh and fun twist on an iconic drink.

Shoryu_2013_-Ganso_Tonkotsu@gallerymainAfter our cocktails, we decided to try the Tonkotosu. We ordered Matcha Tonkotsu (made with matcha noodles that were really yummy) and Piri Piri Tonkotsu which definitely has a kick and is not for the faint-hearted. Both of the Tonkotsu bowls were delicious; the presentation was fantastic and it immediately invites you to tuck in and explore (and savour) all of the components that make up the dish. The Tonkotsu was so filling and yet, that didn’t stop us from trying the new Hirata buns that are squishy, sweet and possibly my favourite thing of the whole night. There are a number of buns available to try but we opted for the halloumi and shemeji mushroom Hirata buns which I highly recommended.

SHORYUSOHO04-718x345At this point, we knew we should stop eating, but the food was wonderful – and there was still so much of the menu that was unexplored. The only reasonable option was for us to try the deserts; we picked the tiramisu motchi and matcha cheese cake. Just like the previous dishes, it was an experience of flavours that made me wish it would never end.

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