Review – Linda Meredith Facialist, Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge London

Linda has been in the beauty business for over forty years so really knows everything there is to know about skincare and beauty. I was very lucky to get the opportunity to meet with her and hear about her incredible career. There is a barely a celebrity over the last four decades nationally and internationally who she hasn’t treated from her exclusive treatment rooms discreetly tucked away on Beauchamp Street in Knightsbridge, London.

giftbox1She is a wealth of knowledge and a fascinating person, just having coffee for an hour with her I learnt so much. Things that seem obvious if you think about it but of course many of us don’t, such as breakouts are more due to what we are putting inside of our bodies rather than the products we are putting on top of our faces.

linda3Even when talking about actors working on a new role and using a different part of their diaphragm to work on a dialect can cause breakouts on the face because they are using their bodies and breath in a different way. And how the skin of a forty year old woman now is so different from our children turning forty in several decades due to the environment, the way we eat and live, truly thought-provoking stuff. If Linda finds the time in her hectic schedule to write all of this down I’ll be on the wait list for that book.

groupshot1I was then treated to the ‘Haute Couture Facial’ that is designed and tailored to each individual using all of the Linda Meredith skincare range. Sheiska gave me a deep cleanse using the Enzyme Peel mask, then an oxygen treatment followed by a facial massage. There are four treatments rooms in the salon but you would never know there was anyone else in the building. The beds are heated and you feel as though you are snugly wrapped up in a cocoon while the magic happens on your face.

groupshot5My face felt baby soft yet plumped in all the right places, no redness and no tingling (and I can be quite sensitive). I’ve been using Linda’s luxurious skincare for a week since the facial and considering the weather in London has plummeted to arctic temperatures I have no dryness or tightness, I’d definitely go back here in a flash.

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