Theatre Review – Matilda

I can’t imagine that there is anything more difficult in this world than attempting to capture the spirit of any of Roald Dahl’s fantastically entertaining literary creations. Yet, it seems to have been so effortlessly done with ‘Matilda the Musical’ – one of the most talked about shows on both sides of the Atlantic, and currently running on the West End until at least December of next year.


The collaboration between Dennis Kelly, Tim Minchin and Matthew Warchus has resulted in a fusion of lights, colours, witty musical numbers, an incredibly talented cast of children, and a lot of naughtiness!


From the moment you take your seat inside the theatre, the visual wonder has already begun. I dare you to see the show and not be wowed by the stage within five minutes. It’s eccentric and mesmerising, and continues to be utterly entertaining throughout; it’s so impressive in fact that it is only slightly topped by the flock of dancing children who are adorable, funny, and great fun to watch.


Matilda has been a story that has captured the hearts of children and adults alike for a number of years; but as soon as the children burst into their ‘my mummy says I’m a miracle’ rendition, it all becomes a breath of fresh, musical, colourful, dancing air.


Some songs will make you laugh; some will bring back memories and evoke a sense of nostalgia, and others are so beautifully done they could leave you on the verge of tears. It remains true to the essence of what the story of Matilda is – the beauty of childhood; imagination; perseverance and the bravery of a bookworm who is happy to stand up and say ‘that’s not right’ to any unfairness around her.


I am almost certain that the only criteria you have to meet in order to enjoy this whirlwind of quirky bliss, is to have once been a child yourself. That and the ability to eat an entire cake like Bruce Bogtrotter… 

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