My Week – October 3rd, 2013

Yay, it’s Cinnamon Roll day (Kanelbullens dag!) in Sweden tomorrow, so what better way to embrace a pastry and help celebrate with those sassy Swedes whose culture we should frankly adopt when it comes to having a day to actually celebrate a pastry! Which leads me to think do the French among us celebrate Pain au Chocolate day as I’d be all over that in a second?!kanelbulle_55702101

Oh my, I’ve been packing it in the last couple of weeks; cocktails at The Hoxton Pony followed by burgers at the Red Dog Saloon where I neither took part in the ‘hot wings challenge’ or ‘the devastator’ burger (if you eat it all within 35 minutes you get it for free), fortunately the spicy bean burger was challenge-less so I was free to munch at my leisure with no added pressure…

I saw Blue Jasmine at BAFTA – just brilliant, do go see it, it really is Woody Allen at his finest. With an incredible cast – Cate Blanchett as a Park Avenue socialite, with Alec Baldwin as her husband and Sally Hawkins her sister, set in both New York and San Francisco – their backgrounds and relationship keep you interested throughout, it’s a must see.

I’ve been back on QVC, worn some lovely dresses from a real gem of a site if you are a lady with a bust, everything on there is made for people like us *rejoice *! I’ve been working on my presentations for both Office*show London on the 8th October and Sydney on the 17th, very excited to be speaking at both, and I hope to see and meet some of you there too. Mmm maybe there are other national ‘pastry’ days we can combine then too…??

I had a couple of lovely PA clients for coaching over Skype, checked out a fabulous restaurant in Chiswick ‘Quantas’ (see review), and have started planning where I should go in Sydney that could go into my ‘little black book’, suggestions welcome.

Work has included car repairs, kitchen repairs, ruby slipper style shoes for charity and visas, Plus at the time of writing I would have sampled BAFTA’s new breakfast menu and been to a La Traviata supper and opera evening presented by Diva Opera for Stroke Association.

Now bring on the cinnamon rolls!

DC – Celebrity PA

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