My week – September 19th, 2013


 Arr, me hearties… well if there were e’er an excuse to talk like a pirate then today be it, or if an eye patch be your thing, go do it (tricky when driving or crossing the road so do be careful. Go on I dare you to put as many pirate references into your day as you can – I for one will be balancing a parrot on one shoulder and shouting ‘Shiver me timbers!’ at every van driver I pass on the way back from my school run.

Talking of the school run, now we’re into week three I’m fully settled into my ‘traffic’ routine: coffee/breakfast shake/make up – and yes, in that order. It also gives me the opportunity to catch up on calls whilst dipping in and out of radio stations (can’t stick with one at the minute) or just singing loudly (and badly) to whichever musical theatre CD I have in at that time.

It does give me time to think too and as I have the Office*show in London October 8th, and then in Sydney on the 17th I do have a lot to think about. All I need is someone in the back seat to take dictation and I’ll be away (Minx is 7 and far too young for shorthand at the moment, shame…).

We had a great week at Team DC: Harry Potter Studio Tour, The Bodyguard with Beverly Knight’s first night (awesome!), TV presenters advice sessions at The Spotlight in Leicester Square where I met ten completely different yet utterly fabulous presenters and gave them (I hope) some words of wisdom. I coached some PA’s, met with Jemma from Breast Cancer Care and as it was London Fashion Week it seemed appropriate to fit in a screening of Mademoiselle C at BAFTA – a documentary on former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld as she launches her own magazine/fashion book – I now want to emulate her Parisian Chic by running in heels and pencil skirts but as I was rummaging in a client’s attic for scripts days ago that look just isn’t going to be loft-friendly.

I’ll leave you to enjoy whichever pirate spirit takes your fancy, make it modern day and see if your local coffee shop has a ‘rum syrup’ to add to that latte…

Happy swashbucklin’, yo-ho-ho!

DC – Celebrity PA

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