Disneyland Paris Review

Disneyland Paris opened its gates back in 1992 and as of last year, more than 16 million people had walked through the magical doors and immersed themselves in one of the most popular themes parks in the world. Last year, the park celebrated its 20th anniversary – but the celebrations continued all the way through to this summer, finally ending this month.


I managed to escape to Paris for a few days during the summer and decided to visit the place where many children’s (and adult’s) dreams come alive. It was hot, it was busy but it was absolutely incredible.

Throughout the day, we went from soaring over London on the Peter Pan ride, to careering around a gold mine on a rickety roller coaster. We were there for a total of 11 hours and could have definitely stayed for longer. Everything was just magical and the parade nearly made me sob (definitely mummy hormones I say…)

For anyone that has visited the park before, you’ll know that when they celebrate in Disney, they go all out. There are lights, fireworks, songs, characters and floats galore. With the anniversary celebrations new parades and shows have been introduced to the park to celebrate 20 years of entertainment and making dreams come true. The Disney Magic on Parade is an updated version of the parade which traditionally runs throughout the year. Disney Dreams is also a new hit for the summer which makes use of pyrotechnics, fountains, lasers, and all the latest technology to light up Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and brings the magical day in Disney to a spectacular close.

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When we collected our tickets we were also given a fast pass which I would definitely recommended as it allows you to jump the queues for some of the most popular and exciting attractions.

We came away from there with a load of goodies including a laser gun, photos, fridge magnets, a twirly light up Mickey Mouse and of course, a thousand memories to remember a fantastic trip and experience in the Magic Kingdom.




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