My Week – September 5th, 2013

It’s definitely back to school week, the mornings are a touch more ‘fresh’ and it’s that wardrobe ‘transition’ time when you’re not too sure what to wear; bare legs/covered legs, jacket/no jacket…Then the old rule of ‘no white after Labor day (for our American readers), but is that only until we can wear ‘winter white’ and I really love winter white…?


I was back at QVC last week talking all things Autumn already before August was out, trends and colours. Crazy as it all sounds I know but I really love Autumn. I love putting on an extra layer, the leaves starting to fall from the trees, and that feeling of ‘it’s September I should be learning something’ or at least buying new stationery…. I pore over the City Lit prospectus thinking about what courses I could go on but who am I kidding, I don’t have enough time in the day to fit in what I need to fit in let alone a course! I loved the last bank holiday weekend, for someone who doesn’t get much opportunity to sit still for long I have to confess I took full advantage of that one rainy day to sit on the sofa and watch a LOT of TV and I LOVED it!

Last week I chaired a webinar for last on how the PA role has changed, training vs. not training as a PA, where to network, etc that was great fun, do look out for the link, there were three fabulous speakers (and me!) giving tons of info and advice.

I went to celebrate the Kurt Geiger Golden Anniversary at The Connaught where they had a ‘Stiletto Sanctuary’– oooh, so very pretty, a beautiful bar full of champagne and stilettos, it was a work day so I was restrained but I urge you to look out for the ‘B Series’ all the styles are named after streets beginning with B in London ‘Bond Street, etc and the limited edition gold ‘Belgravia’ which even comes wrapped in a gold box – it’s very special.


Work stuff has included a flat tyre, air freight, FedEx, falling through a client’s floor (!) and in general all that stuff you leave to the last minute until someone comes back from holiday… yep, I’m deadline gal and the clients are now back from holiday.

DC – Celebrity PA

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