Breast Cancer Care Fab1Million Campaign

Tickled pink!

I’ve just seen a Ghost! 

It wasn’t a Silver Spirit, or a Silver Wraith. This was no ordinary Phantom. I’ve just seen a bespoke, pink, Rolls Royce Ghost. Yes, a pink one! Well, I’ve never seen one like that before! Have you?

And guess what?


She’s all yours to hire from Breast Cancer Care’s FAB1Million campaign!

Imagine how you’dfeel being chauffeured around in a beauty like this which bears Chris Evans’ FAB1 number plate?

Lady Penelope would love the massage seats (they might put a smile on Parker’s face too!) not to mention the TV, and the fridge. There’s nothing frivolous about a fridge in a Rolls Royce, because you’ll need somewhere to cool your bottle of champagne (pink, of course!) included as part of the package. Just don’t drink too much, otherwise you’ll be seeing pink elephants!

You’ll be able to enjoy a pink drink or two on your journey thanks to the generosity of a team of excellent chauffeurs (all of whom are ex-royal Protection, or Police Officers) who have kindly donated their time to Breast Cancer Care for free.

This hot pink beauty has been a big hit at weddings, anniversary parties, and birthdays. With the festive season looming ahead, she’sdestined for more days out on the road, raising money and smiles wherever she goes.

If need to hire a luxurious car for a special event, please consider FAB1.She could be all yours for £2,500 for eight hours. Every penny goes towards Breast Cancer Care. It’s the perfect opportunity to support this vital, worthy cause,whilst making an unforgettable entrance to a fabulous event, not to mention a spirited exit!

To hire Breast Cancer Care’s pink Rolls Royce Ghost,or to make a donation, visit:

Think pink!

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