My Week – 22nd August, 2013

I’m writing this in Paris where Minx and i have come for a mini holiday – it’s incredibly magical seeing a City you know well through a 7 year olds eyes. She’s watched the buskers on the Metro with wonderment from her eyes the size of saucers, we spent the day at Disneyland (review to follow) and walked our legs off. It was great fun and she even forced me to go on a rollercoaster with her for her first time (not my favourite thing) and she LOVED it, eek… that’s a taste of things to come…

eiffel_tour_0The weekend was spent out of London and in the country with friends, mostly involving cooking/eating/cooking and eating again, whilst the kids bounced themselves crazy on the trampoline – it’s a win/win!

I’ve coached a couple of fab PA’s from a comfy sofa at the Groucho Club, both with amazing potential and energy – so exciting working with people and watching them grow in confidence as they work through their skills and experience and look ahead to start new ventures.

Work stuff has included a very near nasty water leak, averted as I saw it start ‘spurting’ while I was in front of it (and how often does that happen??) and saving garden plants from dehydration (why can’t you detour water leaks?!).

And I’m now reminded that summer is nearly over as I’m back to QVC next week with the Autumn knitwear collection – can’t you just smell ‘back to school’ in the air…?

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