Fab and Funky… Shoes!

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of shoes and at the moment, there seem to be a huge selection of fabulous ones to stare at longingly through shop windows (and quite often end up buying). The trends that are popping up and adorning the shelves of many popular shoe shops include gladiator sandals, bright neon colours, pattern prints and cut-outs. Amongst these trends, there are plenty that are standing out by taking weird, wacky, cute and downright funky to a new level. So here are just some of the few that have caught our eye recently – love them or hate them, they definitely make a statement.

image1xl (1)image1xl (5)

Quite possibly the wackiest are these Karl Lagerfeld ice cream shoes that are available from ASOS. They come in both pink and black with different coloured ‘ice cream’ cones for heels. The cones take up the majority of the heel and are topped with a glittering ice cream scoop.

image1xl (3)image1xl (2)

Another of Karl Lagerfeld’s designs makes the list, this time a bright neon blue shoe that is definitely in-your-face. But imagine wearing an outfit that is entirely black and completing the look with these so that they pop. Alternatively, they come in black and are embellished with a silver and gold mini-rainbow.

image1xl (6)In comparison to the above, these shoes by Shellys London are toned down. Instead, this chunky shoe boot pays tribute to spats and the 1920s. These shoes can be easily dressed up or dressed down, be a wonderful contrast to a very soft and feminine dress or work equally as well with a suit.


Then there is Irregular Choice who offer exactly what their name suggests – irregular choices for shoes. They design some of the weirdest, wackiest and most wonderful shoes that are out there. Some are decorated with enormous bows, some with glass- like heels, some even with alternative heels like bunnies and gnomes (yes, really). These ‘Oz’ and ‘Baby Beauty’ shoes are just some of the examples of the treasures you can find in their extensive list of irregular creations.

1370197270_mainFlat shoes haven’t been forgotten from this list with the final pair hitting the printed pattern trend. These Rocket Dog shoes stamped with daisies make for the perfect flat shoes – cute and comfortable.

There is so much choice when it comes to shoes and if you’re looking to make a statement, there will definitely be some shoes amongst the current trends that are perfect for you.

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