My Week – 8th August, 2013

I’ve gone to the countryside for a few days of R & R, only thing being is when you are self-employed, freelance and a PA it can be difficult to get that down time as my world doesn’t have a ‘closed – come back Thursday’ sign. But the up side is that I can work anywhere and I’m sitting here looking out at birds hopping around the patio, looking at the blue clouds, listening to the silence gently being disturbed by wood pigeons instead of dashing around the west end logging into whichever wifi pops up and leaning on any flat surface to write down notes.

photoAugust is great isn’t it? The roads and public transport is quieter, coffee shops are a little more roomier, the weather is mostly more cheery and everyone seems to be in a much better mood than usual. Or perhaps it’s because I’m three weeks into my gym membership and the endorphins are making me love life just that little bit more?? I did a Jhoom! Class, LOVED it – it’s Bollywood dance, I swear I smiled the whole way through the class and I can’t wait to do it again. And yes I downloaded Jai Ho! Onto my iPod as soon as I got home…

Minx and I went to see Brainiac Live! at the Palace Theatre; awesome fun for kids and parents alike, they even blew up a microwave at the end, BOOM, what else do you need in an hour’s theatre show for kids?! Also inspired by our recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theatre trip found our way to CyberCandy to stock up on Wonka treats, and what weird and wonderful candies are to be had in there; nerds, gumballs, sherbet straws and a thousand other sugar snacks to make your eyeballs pop out on stalks!


I saw Frances Ha at BAFTA, what a great, kooky, funny movie, and at 90 minutes too,my favourite kind of movie. Lauren from Team DC and I went for a lovely summery lunch at Tartufo at No.11 Cadogan Gardens (review to follow) and I finished the week with a trip to Art for Fun in West Hampstead where Minx and I painted cups, one for hot milk and cookies for her and mine for espresso – perfect.

I give you the peaceful sounds of the countryside to enjoy as I sign off to wade through a HUGE inbox. Next time I write I will be a year older and touch wiser (we hope…!)

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