My Week – 2nd August, 2013

On top of my day job helping to keep my fabulous clients ahead of what they need to be doing, scouring the city for new and fabulous places to review and making sure my laundry is done – now I also need to think of fun stuff to entertain my daughter with during the summer holidays – what else are we thrown to juggle in our everyday lives?! I realise as a PA people expect and assume you to be able to come up with ideas and pull it all together at the drop of a hat, but the summer holidays are a challenge in thinking of endless things to do with kids. I am blessed because I live in (I think) the best city in the world, London so we are inundated with amazing, incredible places to go to, on the flip side, everyone else wants to go to those places at the same time too! Hence, we went to the London Eye last week (I hadn’t been for years so am actually enjoying being a tourist and going to these places with the minx), it was fabulous and well worth the queuing, even if you’ve been before it’s such an amazing ‘Mary Poppins’ view of London from there.


We finished that day being treated with tickets to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Oh my, the Theatre Royal Drury Lane is such a beautiful theatre (one of the first theatres I went to when I first moved to London) and what a brilliant, brilliant show. There is literally magic unfolding before your eyes, the cast is exceptional and to watch it through a seven year olds eyes is really special.  It absolutely is a ‘world of pure imagination’.


Now I have a 25 minute window before picking up my daughter from a playdate to eat lunch, wrap a birthday present, re-pot a sunflower plant and book theatre tickets for a client – ha multitasking shmultitasting…

Have a great weekend!

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