My Week – 25th July, 2013

Yay, Royal baby week plus crazy thunderstorms, so it’s not just the world’s press and the new Royal parents who are sleep deprived, it’s ALL of us. Are we all walking about in a state of jet lag whether we’ve stepped off a ‘plane or not? The heat in the city is stifling and I seem to be living on a diet of frozen yoghurt (Pinkberry even have a loyalty card, who knew?!), minx and I even initiated Granny into the world of Pinkberry (salted caramel for me, chocolate for the mix and mango for Granny fyi). I have cooked nothing hot in the kitchen for weeks for fear of adding extra heat to an already unbearably hot kitchen akin to the inside of hell. I even joined the gym this week, I clearly am delirious… and I’m already the other side of a zumba and legs, bums and tums class without even sampling the coffee shop, what’s that all about??


Now that school is finished for summer I also feel as though I’ve gotten out of the saddle and into relax mode,however, I’m not on my summer holidays and along with dealing with window cleaners, broken freezer’s and family holidays, oh and brake pads to name but a few I still very much need to keep my work head on.

HUNter 486 Brasserie 1

HUNter 486 Continental Breakfast

I went to a screening of BBC4’s Burton and Taylor at BAFTA, which was incredible, did you see it? Also the Spotlight Prize at the Bloomsbury Ballroom, the room was filled to the rafters with the most amazing talent coming out of our drama schools this year, two worthy winners but really, they all were (cliché I know, but true). Dinner at HUNter486 at The Arch hotel in Marylebone (review to follow) and a couple of really great meetings, one with Square Meal at the fabulous Aqua Nueva at Oxford Circus, London and another with Forum Events at Somerset House (a novelty to be able to walk through the courtyard rather than attempting to skate on the ice rink in the winter).



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