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I went to a Spa in Shepherd’s Bush. I drive through Shepherd’s Bush regularly en route to the M4 to go and visit mum and never noticed the K West Hotel & Spa, ever. The K West Hotel & Spa is situated off Shepherd’s Bush Green. It provides guests with the chance to indulge in a range of exclusive treatments. This includes the ‘Snow Paradise’ room where the Finnish experience of alternating between steaming and freezing environments is replicated.

K WEST HOTEL SHEPHERDS BUSHValet parking on site (love that!) with the offer of car cleaning too (wish I hadn’t had mine cleaned the night before, darn, I could have reviewed the car cleaning too!).

The K West Hotel & Spa has received plenty of praise for their treatments. In 2011, they were awarded the title of ‘Best UK Luxury Hotel Spa’ at the World Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards and this year received ‘5 Bubbles’ from the Good Spa Guide. K Spa was the first to introduce the ‘Snow Paradise’ room and they are also the only place in the entirety of the UK to offer Russie Blanche products and treatments as part of their experience. There are a total of six treatment rooms at the spa, with trained spa therapists offering guests the chance to experience a Russian Baniya Body Ritual.

The hotel and spa have just introduced a new signature treatment – the ‘K Power’ treatment that is all-encompassing and designed to relax and boost skin simultaneously.  The body and face treatments incorporate Russie Blanche’s Cranberry, Sibérian Petals and Hydra Rose products loaded with superfruit ingredients and is priced at £150 for a 90 minute session.

Hydrotherapy Pool - K Spa

Oh. My. Goodness. AMAZING. I was told to get there early to enjoy the wet-spa, I didn’t get there early enough sadly (but I want to go back). It’s fabulous, the sauna followed by the snow room (AWESOME!), it has real snow! You go inside a shed type room that has snow on the floor, the walls, hanging down from the ceiling and it’s REAL SNOW! Rub it into your skin and it feels fabulous. There are also booths to sit at and relax inside the spa, a relaxation pool, it’s seriously a slice of heaven.

Snow Paradise - K Spa

Then the treatment starts in a large treatment room featuring two beds, a sauna and a shower room. The body toning and anti-ageing experience starts with a foot massage that uses Hydra Rose essential oil from Russie Blanche and eventually becomes a fully body treatment. Following this, a cranberry mask (smells delicious but I was told not to lick myself…) full of anti-oxidants is used to cover your body whilst a rose and anti-ageing cranberry mask is used specifically for the face. The masks allow the Hydra Rose essential oil to penetrate the skin deeper and also combat against any environmental damage the skin may have suffered, encouraging cell renewal with the vitamins from the ingredients.

Kuddles - K Spa

A scalp massage follows the anti-oxidant masks for relaxation; after this, firming cream is applied on your entire body. The firming cream has been created with a caffeine concentrate and with the intention of cleansing and enhancing the body.

I finished with a K-Power drink in the relaxation room (filled with beds, magazines and low lighting), it was a wrench to leave, really, and I definitely would love to go back and spend a day there. A group of ladies arrived as I was leaving, what a great day to spend with girlfriends.

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