My week – 27th June 2013

I bought my daughter a ‘grow your own sunflower’ kit in the local garden centre. It looked like a large yoghurt tub and just contained some soil and a few seeds in a packet; we sprinkled them on top of the soil, covered with a little more, watered and put the lid on. It said wait 7-21 days for the seeds to germinate; 2 days later I remembered we had them and thought I’d take a look – eek, already 3 seedlings were pushing themselves up trying to get free from the yoghurt tub. I took the lid off and the next morning was greeted by a handful of at least an inch tall seedlings. Now 2 weeks in we have 12 small sunflowers that are 7 inches tall and in dire need of repotting (yup, on my to do list…), they are strong, happy and thriving.


The moral of this tale is much like the way I try to live my life: if you don’t give something (or someone) the opportunity to grow how will you ever know if it will? My daughter and I are getting so much joy from watching these seedlings grow stronger, that it reminds me in a way of how much pleasure I get from watching a friend or colleague (or my daughter) find their strength each day. Life is challenging enough, let’s support each other, encourage growth, even if you start with a grow your own sunflowers kit…

I’ve been mad busy (what with my urban kitchen counter garden et al) with work and life, feeling a bit hamster wheel again. Breakfast meets at Balthazar, Lunch at Dinner and Chiswell Street Dining Room (both delicious with great company). The Graphic Art of Harry Potter Exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery – just brilliant, I took my daughter (too young for Harry P just yet but a budding artist) and we both loved it – there until the 28th June or look at the website

I went to experience the spa at the K West Hotel in Shepherd’s Bush (review to follow), in short, amazing. And had a stay at Cannizaro House in Wimbledon that was beautiful (again review to follow).

Along with client’s travel, school garden party, daughter’s impending birthday and party and a visit to the hygienist  – there’s still more to pack into this week!

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