My Week June 13th 2013

Yay, the newsletter is one year old this week– who knew? Seriously, WHO KNEW that would happen? Anything for a celebration (and I am the girl who tried celebrating every holiday on the calendar one year, unsuccessfully…) so I’m using it as an excuse to just eat cake for the WHOLE week. And I have myself a gorgeous Le Petit Grain candle (and fragrance) from Miller Harris that smells divine and also means I can have a candle burning much longer than those tiny ones on a cake, it’s a win win.

miller harris

I feel as though I’ve been entertaining quite a lot at home over the last couple of weeks, lots of people for dinner, lunch and even coffee – I always joked about starting up a coffee shop/bookshop in London if my ‘day job’ doesn’t work out (twelve years as a PA now, I think I’m okay…*crosses fingers behind back *), although looking at the past two weeks maybe I’ll end up combining the two. When you work mostly from home, or clients are away, it’s great to be able to include some social activity too – I don’t have a canteen or a staffroom to go to in my breaks and rather than sneak onto Twitter (which is my downfall I confess – a peek turns into an hour) it’s nice that my kitchen seems to be turning into a small café… now all I need is an industrial coffee machine and it’ll be a dream come true!

Now it’s that time of year when we start thinking of buffing off the dead skin cells to prepare for summer and holidays and if you need a facial at any time, look no further than Charlotte Colwell at Lost in Beauty, Primrose Hill – I’ve shouted from the rooftops about her every time I’ve seen her. I saw her for a ‘Rest and Repair’ facial last week – amazing, you come out looking years younger and walking on air. I looked around at Rigby & Peller’s swimsuits straight after too and met the lovely people from Saint Bustier – a site that features clothes for the lady with the bigger bust – so easy, it’s all there for you so you don’t have to worry about what’s going to fit, what might be too clingy, etc – they have some really lovely pieces and are very nice people to boot.

We at Team DC don’t take this newsletter and your readership lightly; we have lots of plans over the coming months to make it bigger and shinier. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your continued support, without you it would just be us and the minx reading it (and some of it isn’t super useful to a nearly 7 year old…), so I raise my coffee cup to you and look forward to our next year together.

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  1. Sonia Polacci says:

    Happy Birthday to the newsletter, and congratulations to Donna and her great Team! I love to read all your news and reviews, so I also raise my coffee cup up to you: cheers!! All the Best, – Sonia

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