Theatre Review – The Hothouse

The Hothouse has been receiving plenty of positive reviews since it began its run at Trafalgar Studios. Directed by Jamie Lloyd, Pinter’s play written in 1958 is presented in both a comic and chilling light.


The dialogue is witty, each of the characters has a great mixture of eccentricity and intensity and the studios itself provide an interesting set-up allowing the audience to become almost entirely immersed in the play.  It’s fascinating to see the play unfold and at times hard to stomach. The interaction between the cast is electric and tension runs so high in some of the exchanges that the moments which follow can be unpredictable and unsettling.  There are two scenes which particularly stand out as transforming the mood of the play from witty – and at times laugh-out-loud – to the occasional person nervously laughing as you are lead to question the subject matter and contemplate just what exactly you are watching. The Hothouse was a thrill to watch and is definitely worth seeing before its run ends on August 3rd.

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