The Sound of Change – Chime for Change

Last Saturday saw the Sound of Change concert take place in Twickenham stadium with an amazing line-up of performers which included Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Florence + the Machine and a host of presenters including Salma Hayek, Madonna, Jessica Chastain and James Franco.


The atmosphere in the stadium was incredible from start to finish – but there were a few performers who made the night special. When Jennifer Lopez hit the stage, everyone got to their feet to dance along (and rejoiced just a little bit when she began to sing ‘Jenny from the Block’). By the time Beyonce came on, everyone had mastered the art of singing in unison – a moving thing to witness when everyone is belting the lines of ‘I’m a Survivor.’



The importance and seriousness of the night was never lost however, despite the fun that was had. Sound of Change was put together as a global concert, streamed to over a billion people worldwide, to promote Education, Health and Justice for women and girls everywhere. The phrase which was repeated throughout the night was ‘none of us can move forward if half of us are held back.’ Throughout the night the audience were shown an array of projects that have been set up and are taking place since Chime for Change was launched in order to ensure fewer girls are held back. The best part? All the money from the tickets is donated to these causes – with the ticket holder choosing the project they wish to support and being able to watch the difference that their money can help make.

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