My Week: May 30th 2013

The month of May has been a real test to me emotionally, physically and mentally: Travel, training, conferences, events and a house move to name but a few (along with the day job and school run). And mostly throughout it has been the power of friendship that has held the glue in place when I felt as though my wheels were falling off. I want to use this opportunity to shout out a huge THANK YOU to all of you for being there and being fabulous, you know who you are… My problem, like a lot of us PA’s, is that I also take on too much, I don’t like to say no to people (I’m a ‘Yes, and…’ girl) and a firm believer in seeking and acting on opportunities that come my way. However, I am trying to teach myself, very quickly, to live in the NOW, in the moment. As the wise people tell us, we can do nothing about the past, or the future, we can only do the now so live in the moment, and tackle it one moment at a time.

Following on from my Kuala Lumpur workshop I held a ‘How to be a better PA’ seminar at HAYS in the City of London, it was a great day and I met some fantastic PA’s, we ate amazing cupcakes and shared lots of experiences, skills and laughter. Our inimitable Speakers included Stephanie Davies from LAUGHOLOGY, Lucy Brazier of Executive Secretary Magazine and Victoria Darragh of HAYS. And were all accompanied by delicious cupcakes from Beverly Hills Bakery. I then went home to pack (with friends) for my house move and the next day was all laden up by the man machines that are Aussie Man & Van, I’ve used them and Ward Thomas for all removals in the past 6/7 years and never a complaint yet. I had some wonderful friends unpack me at the other end and then we all went and ate Tacos at mine (and the Minx’s) new fave Taco take out place Tortilla near Oxford Circus.

donna seminar 4

Work stuff has included more ants (which is a bit of a joke as I thought they only surfaced when it was ‘summer’) and damp (ugh), fun stuff has included lunch at the Wolseley, breakfast at Balthazar, a screening of ‘Behind the Candelabra‘, both Michael Douglas and Matt Damon are brilliant, anyone old enough to remember Liberace and those who are just curious will LOVE it!

As well as a great evening at Mansion House in the presence of The Lord Mayor of London for Stroke Association.

Carpé Diem people…

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