Baby Box Review – The Mount Street Deli

The Mount Street Deli located in Mayfair (within walking distance of Hyde Park), recently launched a new gift basket containing a selection of goodies for mums and their new-borns. The Baby Box, a hamper appropriate for spring (the season of birth and rejuvenation), celebrates new life with a collection of sweet treats and gifts.

baby box

The box also includes two incredible gift cards: the ‘First-Week-at-Home-Take-Away-Dinners’ card and the ‘Tea-and-Cake for 2’ card. The first can be redeemed for 3 main courses and 1 desert dish from a list of restaurants including Le Caprice, Daphne’s, Bam-Bou, The Ivy and 34 (all of which signature dishes are available from the Deli too – very good to know!). The latter allows you to take a break and invite a friend along to enjoy some of the freshly made delicacies that the deli has to offer.

baby box review

Each dish is enough for two people and includes classics such as The Ivy shepherd’s Pie, the Mount Street Deli’s lasagne, La Caprice’s fishcakes and Daphne’s meatballs. From the dessert menu, there is a choice of The Ivy’s seasonal fruit crumble with custard, Scott’s Bramley apple pie (also served with custard) and the Mount Street Deli’s lemon meringue tart. Is your mouth watering already??

baby box review

The box is as much a celebration of British traditions as well as an indulgence for parents and baby. With everything from creamy honey with a hint of orange blossom, award winning raspberry jam (free from additives), 34’s buttery Lavender shortbread and Earl Grey all available as part of the package. The box is completed by an assortment of truffles, chocolates and fudge made at Scott’s (located just across the road from the deli), homemade granola and honeycomb dipped in dark chocolate.

baby box review

But not everything in the hamper is edible, although on first look it seems that way. The Baby Box also includes bodysuits and socks presented in a funky way, such as the pair of ‘ice-cream coloured’ socks are scooped up and presented on top of an ice cream come. Then, to top it off, four white cotton newborn bodysuits are wrapped up like a yummy cupcake (a big fave with Team DC) resembling a deli creation sure to put a spring in any new mum’s step.

Personally I think this is just BRILLIANT, I just wish it was available seven years ago when I had my daughter… 😉

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