My Week – March 21st, 2013

Well as they say, before you know it they’re off school again for the holidays and yep, Easter holidays start tomorrow. This means everything in our house is geared towards where the next bag of mini eggs is coming from or which cupcakes we can find that feature rabbits or chicks, plus juggling an already juggle-able life, fortunately through the holidays my in-laws storm into action and the minx packs up and heads out to Essex.

easter cupcake

24 rainbow magic books, a pair of stripy wellies, Samantha Sage swimming costume and a steady supply of mini eggs she’s ready to brave whatever comes her way, *sigh * if only I could pack that light…

Easter 2013

After my recent travels it’s REALLY nice to be home for a while, I’ve met some incredible people over the last few weeks and had my batteries recharged and am charging forward with putting together my next London seminar ‘how to be a better PA’, May 17th on Cheapside, right in the heart of the City. After several transatlantic three-way Skype calls with Grace and Becky of Team DC we’ve got some cracking speakers together, a fabulous room and CUPCAKES – I know not essential to regular courses you may go to, but totes essential to Team DC courses!

team dc skype

I went to a fun Vita Coco event in Covent Garden, we sat on deck chairs in a room filled with palm trees, it was a tiny chunk of oasis on a very wet night outside, I got to hear about all the benefits whilst drinking my body weight in coconut water, delicious.

vita coco covent garden

After talking in Sydney about what do you do for yourself once you step off this hamster wheel of work/life I suddenly realised how neglectful I’d been of looking after my own bit of calm within the chaos around me and got myself back down to Bootcamp Pilates (could barely move the next couple of days, I really need to go more often…).


I met my friend Claire for birthday cocktails in Browns, Covent Garden (it actually snowed that night – what happened to our Spring?), made omelettes with Wolfgang Puck, laughed for Red Nose Day and celebrated all things Irish for St Patrick’s Day.

st patricks

Now I’m going to power up the shredder and create some more calm out of the chaos around me…

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