Wolfgang Puck, Cut at 45 Park Lane, London

A rainy morning (as most have been of late in London) was totally brightened in the guise of omelette making with Wolfgang Puck at Cut at 45 Park Lane – how cool is that? A small group of us from ACA-UK were privileged to be invited to go make eggs with this renowned chef (I’ve seen him on various TV shows: Las Vegas, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and ‘Chef Smurf’ in The Smurfs movie to name a few!)

2013-03-12 09.10.26

We lined up in the kitchen, started with a bucks fizz (what a great lesson this was going to be…!), and then took it in turns to whisk our eggs, throw oil and butter into a very hot pan plus lots of delicious add-ons. Being veggie, I already considered myself an ‘omelette expert’ however I was never as decadent in my omelette construction as I was with Wolfgang, (and of course my kitchen isn’t as equipped with delicious ingredients as 45 Park Lane). I do usually show the pan the olive oil but I don’t get to add truffle butter or fresh (trompette?) mushrooms.

2013-03-12 09.08.09

In my omelette I had spinach, cheese, tomato, mushroom and potato. I went for more of a ‘Spanish omelette’ flavour – was delish…

2013-03-12 10.14.16

The experience at 45 Park Lane was a treat given by the amazing chef Wolfgang in his new project. He chose to partner with Dorchester Collection to open this restaurant (first!) in Europe back in 2011.

Most people know Wolfgang for changing the American way of cooking and adding French and Asian flairs with the most amazing, fresh, quality ingredients. Hopefully, all of his amazing techniques will flow into my brain and I can dine like every famous person Wolgang has ever chefed for. (He is known for catering all the huge awards shows in Los Angeles.)

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck and his staff display their Oscar creations on the red carpet at the 84th Academy Awards in Hollywood

Square Meal
Now who wants a Wolfgang inspired omelette? 😉

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