Hotel Review – Novotel Darling Harbour, Sydney

I stayed at the Novotel Hotel in Darling Harbour for three nights and four days, and every moment I spent there was delightful. The bed was ultra-comfy and most greatly appreciated after stiff hours sitting on an airplane.


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The room was of course dutifully cleaned daily. The front desk was warm and friendly, everything was explained with clarity and helpfulness. Novotel is a 4.5 star hotel and it most definitely aims to impress. From the grand sophisticated paintings hung around the lobby to the contemporary interior design, every detail of this place consciously represents Sydney in the best possible light, leaving the guest with a memorable experience of Australia.


The hotel offers magical views of the city skyline as well as the sparkling waters of the Darling Harbour. My room in particular was a superior with a gorgeous view of the bright lights dancing across the waters of the harbour. I could have layed on my bed just staring at the window the entire time. But the location of the hotel is too good to spend the whole time in the room!

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Novotel is close to huge shopping complexes and attractions like the Sydney Aquarium and Sidney Wildlife World. The back and forth from the conference and attractions was painless to say the least. It’s perfect for your home away from home. Novotel in Darling Harbour is an excellent place to stay while visiting Sydney: the location is convenient, the service is consistent, and the rooms are always spotless.

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