My Week – February 21st, 2013

WOW! What a week this has been. I was out in LA for the Behind Every Leader conference held at Disneyland, Anaheim – a powerhouse of EA’s flew in from all over the country and an equally electrifying group of speakers were flown in from all over the world – when all of these dynamics came together in one place there was so much energy we could have launched a rocket!

photo 2

I gave two presentations: The Power of Connections and How to be Three Steps Ahead. I also spoke on two panel discussions: Paying it forward and International Networking and I loved every single minute. The speakers were so inspiring and motivating, the attendees (and me!) soaked up each other’s energies like a sponge, after the two days we really did feel as though we could take over the world.


It was great being out in Los Angeles and feeling the sun on my shoulders (when I left London it was sleeting) and meeting up with another member of the DC team – Grace Toledo.

photo 3Grace is based in Houston, Texas and is my marketing intern plus all round fabulous gal and connoisseur of all things cupcake.

Our research included lunch on Venice Beach…

photo 9

…walking in the sea (her not me, it was FREEZING!), hanging out at The Grove in Barnes and Noble and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where we spotted Jesus (with an iPhone?!).

We went on a cupcake hunt (see other article) all for research purposes of course…

  photo_2 3

We took pictures of sunsets, sat in traffic, inhaled car fumes and got generally silly. All in all it was a great team building weekend break, then Grace had to head back to the Texas homestead while I continued the weekend without her.


This involved checking out the pre-Oscars bleacher construction just days away from being filled with press, nominees and a very long red carpet. Drinks in Santa Monica with a friend and then dinner at the Blue PlateTaco with another friend (delicious, super easy to devour Tacos and a great atmosphere to boot).

photo 4

Sunday was a breakfast meeting at Bottega Louie in Downtown LA, there was a film unit set up outside which meant the streets were shut down for shooting but the restaurant was PACKED OUT. I met Michelle from MBE Staffing – she really is your go to gal (put her in your black book) for all things staffing – Nannies, Assistants, Housekeepers, chefs, pretty much anyone you will ever need if you are looking for staff.

Was very sad to leave after a whirlwind trip – back on Virgin Atlantic to London to then prep for EAPAConvention in Sydney, Australia, which I go out to this weekend to run a workshop and a presentation and hopefully more sunshine? Strange to think I shall be watching clients at the Oscars whilst eating my lunch in Sydney, usually I have to put matchsticks in my eyelids to stay awake in London time.

Now where can I buy a cupcake in Sydney…?

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9 Responses to My Week – February 21st, 2013

  1. Lisa olsen says:

    Enjoyed the highlights about BEL! While in Australia try My Little Cupcake or Sparkle in Sydney!

  2. michelle bernheim says:

    Love the Blue Plate in Santa Monica!

  3. Definitely sounds more fun than coffee in London!

  4. I hope to meet and chat sometime. You are an inspiration Ma’am.

  5. DonnaCoulling says:

    Gene, thank you so much for your comment, i’m honoured 🙂

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