The Tanning Shop – Mystic HD Tan Review, Mortimer Street, London

Think you can’t get a glowing tan during the winter months? Think again. I decided to see what The Tanning Shop was all about. A little self-loving doesn’t hurt anyone.

I walked into The Tanning Shop and right from the beginning I could tell the Tanning team take their customer service very seriously. I was warmly welcomed and thoroughly explained all my options. I decided to go with the Mystic HD and let me tell you, it was Ah-Mazing!

You would seriously think I spent the last few weeks surfing the gnarly waves of Venice Beach, dude.

Oh yeah, that’s a striking resemblance. 😉

Not only can you customize the colour and glow by choosing between four different options and bronzers, but you can select the additives and the aromas so you come out of the booth feeling gorgeous, smelling delicious, and ready to say ‘Hey everyone, sexy has arrived!’

I especially enjoyed the privacy of the booths and the robot voice guide whom I like to call ‘Wendy,’ (LOL) taking me through the entire process.

Some tanners tend to use tanning lotions but it usually takes a good couple of days for it to actually settle in, and even when it does, it may change the PH of your skin, or rub off when you shave.

What makes Tanning Shop different is it actually provides a delicate balance to the acidity and basicity of your skin, so if you decided to put on lotion or perfume, it will actually smell like that particular fragrance, instead of mixing it in and ruining your tan.

The Mystic HD is a great alternative for any of us who tend to be on the pale side of the colour box which, let’s be honest, is pretty common for us British folk. Hmm, is that why they call it the “English Rose Complexion?”…

Kate Winslet

If you’re looking for a natural colour you can be proud to show off, or you’re too self-conscious because you feel like you’re ‘paler than sour cream,’ (we can’t all pull it off, Kate!) get your booty over to one of their tanning shops and receive a free consult.

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