Sprinkles and Crumbs Cupcake Review Los Angeles

You absolutely cannot go to the city of Angels and seriously not purchase a cupcake out of an ATM machine. I mean come on, we’re in America, baby!

So of course this is what we did. As my team and I zigzagged our way through Los Angeles traffic, and made our way to Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, we saw the pink ATM machine beckoning us to make a financial, er, cupcake-cial transaction.

Luckily there wasn’t a long queue!

As I browsed through the touch screen, I saw a Red Velvet Gluten-Free cupcake option. Yay me! I touched ‘go’ and suddenly a video began displaying the miracle of what is a cupcake in an ATM machine.

It presented for viewing, the cupcake being removed from inside the shop as it travelled through gadgets and assembly lines, placed in a Sprinkles box, and finally exited the machine. The video was obviously pre-recorded, but what a brilliant idea: watch while you wait for your cupcake to ‘process.’

The experience was quite exhilarating. I wonder what else I could get from an ATM machine… ATM Shoes? ATM Dresses? ATM Little Black Book? Wouldn’t that be just perfect for any PA? 😉

Haha. Granted, it was a lovely and surreal experience. Thank you, Sprinkles. Now if it ever happens that I am in need of a cupcake at 4:07AM, I can head over to Santa Monica Blvd and purchase my gluten-free piece of heaven. What other city can claim such a luxury, eh?

Another cupcake place that was just a couple of blocks down called “Crumbs Cupcakes,” was just to “die for” or so claims Grace, our newbie intern. It was a cute little shop with a Starbucks meets CakeBoss feel.

The shop had several mouth-watering options including Grace’s favorites, the Cosmopolitan (lime frosting on strawberry cake), and the Strawberry (strawberry frosting on vanilla cake).

However, there was no gluten-free cupcake in sight! No worries, I had my Red Velvet to devour.

Red Velvet Cupcake

After we purchased our cupcakes, we sat outside Crumbs and began our foodie impressions. Grace truly enjoyed her Strawberry cupcake as it was ‘moist and sweetened to perfection.’

My gluten-free Red Velvet cupcake was surprisingly moist as well, especially for being inside an ATM machine and all. It satisfied my craving in just the right spot.

donna cupcake

After indulging in cupcakes, we decided to head over to the after-party for Behind Every Leader, and there …

We danced away the cupcakes all night long.

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