My Week – February 6th, 2013


Ooh, it’s awards season – everywhere you turn there are look books for fabulous dresses, pictures of beautiful jewels, invitations for pre-BAFTA, post-BAFTA parties – AND I’M NOT GOING TO ANY *wails *. And actually I’m fine with that. I’m more than happy to be vegging on my sofa with a hot water bottle, dressed in PJ’s, eating chocolate and watching the red carpet and awards on the TV. I won’t have to worry about snow, sleet or rain just the RSI I may get from over-active twitter action…! I’ve spent the last few months watching (it feels like it anyway) every movie made last year either on the big screen or DVD so that I can dutifully do my BAFTA voting and now is the time to sit back and see if any of my votes win a shiny gold mask.


It’s been a really crazy couple of weeks of running around but I love that at this time of year, it’s all about hooks and eyes, hairclips, toupé tape (cleavage not actual toupés) and snacks small enough to fit in handbags – yes it’s a long evening and believe me a bag of almonds goes a long way!


In the middle of all of this I’ve been trying to stave off the cold and flu by keeping up with constant brews from Dr Stuart, my favourite being the Green Chai Tea with a close second of the Liver Detox – great for when you’re run down and a bit jaded (i.e. running around a lot), it can also act as a mood enhancer – and people around me may say at this time of year that can be useful… hmmm….

Green Tea

New Year, new you et al has also meant that I’ve had some lovely coaching clients this month who really do inspire me with their passion for looking for the right role for them, recognizing the skills they have that are so easily forgotten when you’ve been in the same job for some time and for me it’s also about reigniting that fire and enthusiasm that you start a new job role with. 2013 really can be the year of ‘Go Get ‘em Tiger’ (and yes I know it’s the Chinese year of the snake but it didn’t really sound right in this sentence…) and I certainly hope it is.


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