Hair Salon Review – You by Rush – Baker Street, London

I’ve never been to a Rush Salon before, although I work very close to one and have walked past others regularly. I’m pretty loyal when it comes to my hairdresser, I’ve had the same hairdresser cut and colour my hair for six years now – I’ll admit to not being so loyal when it comes to a blow-dry and I have been known to flit around a bit so was very interested to try Rush.

You By Rush

They’ve recently had a relaunch, undertaking an in-depth customer survey to really listen and understand the needs of their clients. After collating all the information the team worked hard to make changes to the previous Rush Hair experience. The basis behind it is that whether you experiment with a new colour or hair extensions, go for a Brazilian Blow Dry or just pop in for a trim, they will not just create a new you, but do their utmost to ensure you leave the salon looking and feeling absolutely gorgeous.

RUSH_Baker St

I only had a blow-dry but was still greeted by extremely friendly, knowledgeable staff who asked questions about how I like my hair styled, what products I like to use and most importantly how do I like my coffee?!

Brazilian Blow Dry

The salon on Baker Street is super sleek, spacious, modern and light. I had a great head massage (always a sucker for any massage!), super stylist who gave me a fabulous and fast blow-dry – I’d definitely recommend them and they are certainly on my list for a re-visit.

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    shall try when next in London x

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