My week – 18th January, 2013

Wow, did Christmas and New Year really happen? It seems so long ago now that we’re back into routine. I’m happy to report that the most depressing day of the year (January 14th) has now passed so we can all breathe a sigh of relief… but as the snow is settling outside my window at quite a rapid pace I’m wondering if tomorrow may be my most depressing day if I spend it on Hampstead Heath with a 6 year old and a sleigh who will take great delight in me skidding and falling everywhere…

IMG_1390So, back to what we know and love and this week has been filled to the brim with meetings – it’s almost as if I’ve been in hibernation over Christmas and now have to have meetings back to back to make up for being cocooned in festivities for two weeks. I had gluten free Christmas, since being introduced the amazing Joshi at The Joshi Clinic who has been using acupuncture to help with my sleeping. I’ve been following his Holistic Detox and binned the gluten from my diet with incredible results. Now I almost feel as though I’m on a gluten free campaign with every restaurant and café I eat at. I had a great breakfast meet at Reform Social and Grill, my new morning hangout (yes, gluten free), lunch at the Buddha Bar – gorgeous and soooo relaxing, delicious food and not at all fazed by my gluten free diet. Meetings at BAFTA too have included gluten free crisp bread – who knew?!

photoI’ve had QVC, a book pitch, and have seen lots of gorgeous swimwear, my most fave being by Samantha Sage  (who my daughter is also a huge fan of!), now I’ve seen the swimwear, I long for the holiday… Which takes me to thinking ahead to four weeks time when I’ll be in LA at the Behind Every Leader Conference – exciting, and yay, maybe I will find use for a swimsuit after all.

My MacBook broke down this week – MAJOR DRAMA – I’m really not a fan of all things IT but I have to take my beret off to those fabulous peeps at the genius bar who with the aid of a screwdriver (?!) made my Apple life all good again – and gave me the ability to get this newsletter together finally…



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