London Relocation – Exclusively Yours

London’s finest home finding service brings a personal touch to finding you a home.

Finding the perfect home is often one of the most trying times in one’s life.       Statistically, on a level of stress it is ranked up there with major life changing events. Finding the perfect home in a city you may never have visited before, let alone lived in can be daunting.


Happily, London Relocation is THE award winning home finding service that makes it stress-free, the only multiple listings service in London with an experienced team of expatriates with over 40 years combined experience of finding clients the perfect home. American born businessman AJ Gallo set up London Relocation in 2006. With a background in sales and real estate and a history of living and travelling around Europe, London Relocation was established.

Originally created to help State side ex-pats relocate within London, six years on London Relocation now places professionals, families and students from across the globe into the perfect property for their needs. With an emphasis on saving time, money and hassle and ensuring the client feels entirely comfortable and secure in their new environment, the type of property, area and commute, lifestyle, budget, moving date and viewing date are all key to making the process run as smoothly as possible. The London Relocation team has a 100% track record of finding their clients the perfect flat, seeing them sign the lease and move in within their desired timeframe.


With the tour of the properties being facilitated by a chauffer driven people carrier, avoiding parking delays, ensuring a speedy journey between viewings and thus allowing each client to view the amount of properties promised. The process of viewing a tailor made list of properties is made enjoyable and stress free yet quick and efficient by the highly skilled team who prepare a seamless tour of 18 to 25 properties that meet their clients requirements.

The personally allocated member of the London Relocation team is there to show the client ALL the options available that match their timeframe, budget and requirements in an honest, straightforward manner so that they feel confident, informed and educated about the London property market. Taking the focus away from the agents and landlords and making it all about the tenant the team then negotiate rent and lease terms on the client’s behalf ensuring the clients requests are followed through to the dot.


The high level of service ensures the client can move within one to three days time or as far out as four to six weeks – whatever the clients need. London Relocation is on hand to handle all aspects of the move from opening a UK bank account to providing utility service provider referrals and never outsource the property searches to third party agents as is common with a lot of relocation companies.

The London Relocation team will stay in constant contact to field any questions or concerns as the client settles in. If only all things in life could be so easy…


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  1. Preston Covington says:

    From personal experience … Customer Service used to be defined by what was referred to as “the Ritz Carlton Experience” … I predict going forward it will now be referred to as the “LRE” … these guys are rock stars ….

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