My week – 18th December, 2012

I’m making this one short as I know we’re all rushing around catching up with last minute gift shopping, childcare juggling and writing cards to people we’d forgotten until their card arrived. Why do we try and fit in way too much and try to see EVERYONE before Christmas, stretching ourselves beyond our capabilities? No wonder January is such a downer, we have no-one to meet up with as we’ve done it all in the weeks prior – I’m always being told to slow down and not try to fit so much in but there again I am more of a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ gal.

These last ten days I’ve been juggling more balls then a circus performer starting with the PA Life Magazine first birthday party (and come to think of it where was the birthday cake??).
The Stroke Association had a fabulous cocktail party at Buckingham Palace which also coincided with Ronnie Corbett’s 82nd birthday – relief, there was cake, however a little small (not a pun…) to share around. I had a sneak preview of Kurt Geiger’s SS13 collection, and oh so wantable…

I had a fabulous facial from Charlotte Colwell, she put my face through its paces for the party season with her Skin Gym – she uses light therapy and micro currents within the facial and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I’ve cracked several Christmas crackers already – both at the Corinthia Hotel with ACA-UK (I was sitting overlooking a balcony and I think some of our cracker gifts were showered upon some of the diners below, oops..) and the Cumberland Hotel with Lucy Brazier and Executive Secretary Magazine (my chinese fortune telling fish still lays flat – tragic to get so disappointed with a cracker gift…). Joshi fitted me in with more acupuncture and combined with going gluten free the sleep is starting to come *hallelujah * – now that would be the BEST gift.

photoWith having a six year old the Christmas holidays are filled with all things magical so we skated at Somerset House at the most inclement moment of the weekend, was akin to skating in a giant ice puddle, on the plus side barely anyone else turned up so we practically had the rink to ourselves and it wasn’t super cold but we did have to buy new clothes afterwards (couldn’t find a launderette in Covent Garden…). The Nutcracker at the ENO was just beautiful, we loved it and I love that it’s turned into a bit of a tradition now and every year she’s completely entranced by it. Hamleys at the weekend was a test of our humour, patience and endurance but we got through it and the team there are incredible and she is a marketing dream – if something involves either crafting/stickers/glitter/paint/nail varnish/tattoos then it must go on Santa’s list.

photoNow off to last minute hamper sourcing/buying/begging… dishwasher repairing, gift wrapping and dropping off.

I wish you all the most fabulous Christmas and all good things for 2013!

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  1. Ashley Tull says:

    Hi Donna, saw your posting on Linkedin. I’m new to the site so I may seem a little rusty. I’ll be posting my picture in a few days. I’m originally from Reading, England, but now reside in sunny California. Yeah, I know what you mean about things getting a little hectic this time of year. For quick’n’easy cooking, you might want to invest in a Food Network, 7-quart food steamer…you can have a freshly cooked meal for 6 people in under 40-minutes. I got mine on sale for $22.00. And it would be perfect for any health-conscious celebrity’s trailer. Well, I’m off to get my tickets for James Cameron’s “Cirque du Solei: World’s End” 3-D movie that opens this Friday… and next week it’s “Les Miserables.” Great month for movies, although, you’ve probably seen them already as I know movies usually are released in the UK I think about 3 weeks before they get here. Have a great holiday.

    Ashley Tull.

  2. DonnaCoulling says:

    Hi Donna, love the shoes!

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