Restaurant Review – Patty&Bun, Mayfair, London

58x8tEdpEkDxjXrckC_gvw5HmRNkz6dY6fRkSknxklE,iOiy0UfdJJME8KKJeOFAqpA4YEisSFEh_ow6Bsa4ej4Is London’s hottest new burger joint and takes a change from its regular pop up residencies at the Doodle Bar in Battersea and Endurance Pub in Soho and has opened its first ever 30-cover restaurant in Central London.

NoRpgNnKO4g4o9gtF1pJfb3be06_B2vwrrbTGB8pHWA,4a0L5nueDT2c0sAjxRdDkr5Fj4M3w5_m3cYzE-H6yOQ,0uMwr1u0Jb85SPoV3nncVpETLAAJpEdeJqkfA98JaSQBurger entrepreneur Joe Grossmann, founder of the roving pop up ‘Patty&Bun’ has transformed the former Stockpot site at 54 James Street in Mayfair, into a “cool vibing, individual little joint.”  It has seating to accommodate up to 30 people as well as limited outside seating. Due to its size the burger shop runs a ‘no reservations’ policy and takes orders for takeaway in addition to those who choose to eat in.

It’s way cool, not in a ‘too cool for school’ way but in an ‘I want to be friends and hang out with the people that come here’ way. It feels a bit East Village, lively, buzzy, and noisy and the food is top dollar, seriously. I have eaten many a veggie burger in my time but finally I have found one that has had some thought put into it, hurrah! Brioche bun with mushroom, halloumi cheese, coleslaw and deep fried bread crumbed slices of courgette. It was oozy, cheesy and not greasy, it was perfect. I followed it with a salad chaser… A mixed salad with pickled red cabbage throughout, delicious, plus crunchy rosemary salt fries with their skins on, yum.

P9Ni640JLEHCMspaV9YJi7iBjyu3uy0TsqX1asAHmyY,3_LcgOeJhaGS2x1Lty92EZRlSNa5jRoe5nb_CmaQYcwThe husband went for the ‘Ari Gold’, ‘a flawless burger in every way’ and then couldn’t resist the barbeque chicken wings with amazing crispy skins and sauce, which *shock horror* actually had more meat than bone (I’m not an expert but a lengthy conversation ensued with Joe about the sourcing of said chicken wings and how it was a mission of his to find the right ‘wings’ which were meaty.
Square Meal

If you find yourself shopping near Selfridges or in a twinkly boutique on St. Christopher’s place, I urge you to go indulge in the vibe and guilty pleasure that is Patty&Bun.



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