Bar review – Vestal Vodka Vaults under The Forge, Covent Garden

The Vestal Vodka Vaults under The Forge are open for winter cocktails until Friday 21st December.

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Vestal Vodka, the originators of the first pop-up bar, have gone underground and opened up the Vestal Vaults. Mr. VV has taken over a location in Covent Garden with his inimitable Bohemian approach to décor and creative approach to cocktail making.  With dark, lustrous theatrical interiors, quiet corners for secret meetings, installations from Martha Freud and an eclectic mix of old and new object ‘art and glassware.


The Vaults hold a strictly NO GIN policy and have a spirited cocktail list that includes tipples such as  ‘I Am The Moon’ and Mr. VV’s classic ‘Espresso Flip’ along with a selective food menu serving succulent delicacies from upstairs at The Forge.


I think the best way to review the vodka vaults is to say I don’t remember a huge amount about the evening…! Mr. VV brought over a delicious bottle of elderflower vodka that was like sweet honey when drank neat or as a perfect champagne cocktail when the glass was filled up with champagne. Such a fun way to choose a cocktail was via the old paper game we played at school (but not for cocktails I hasten to add…!). And I loved the square bottles of water with Alice in Wonderland style ‘Drink Me’ labels on the tables; it is a truly magical experience.

photoDownstairs at the Forge has a great feeling of being in a secret drinking club, lots of fun and laughs and great music to boot. Don’t blink and miss it, it’s a great fun Christmas night out.

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