Jennifer Gresham of ‘Everyday Bright – Reinvent your career. Dare to shine’

Do you ever hear a little voice in your head wondering, “Is this it?” Are you restless and dissatisfied, even though from the outside you appear to have it all?

Jennifer Gresham has been there too and is now dedicated to helping people escape unfulfilling careers and discover the work that makes them come alive. After earning her Ph.D. in biochemistry and serving as an officer in the U.S. military for 16 years, she realized she wasn’t happy.  She suffered from what she calls “The Sunday Night Blues” and was always focused on making it to the weekend or next holiday.  It took a devastating personal loss before she realized she wasn’t living up to her own potential—and she was ready to do something about it.

Wanting to explore the ideas and misconceptions around career change, she started the popular career blog, Everyday Bright.   One opportunity led to another, and many of the people who thought she was crazy to walk away from a stable career as a scientist now wanted to follow in her footsteps.  In response, she founded the No Regrets Career Academy, an online course which teaches you step by step how to design a career that makes you feel happy, successful, and fulfilled.

She says it’s her training as a scientist that distinguishes her approach to career change.  “Most people want to jump to the solution too soon,” she says.  “I help people approach the problem logically, starting with defining success for yourself.  Until you get that right, you’ll constantly find yourself attracted to the wrong jobs for the wrong reasons.”

She’s helped more than 200 clients from 15 countries around the world chart a new course and find a life they love.  Check out her free mini-course and learn her 6-steps to choosing a new career.  Like anything else, she says, “It’s a process.  We often worry we’ll make the wrong choice. We should be far more concerned about getting stuck where we are because we’re afraid to choose.”

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  1. Stella Gooch says:

    Totally agree. You have got to break out and try new things or life will be unfilling.

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