Spa review – Hydrohealing, Notting Hill, London

Hydrohealing is a unique wellness spa based in Notting Hill. When I arrived I instantly felt as though I’d hung up my ‘overcoat of everyday stress’ on the back of the door, and in return was greeted by candles burning, intoxicating aromas and super nice staff.

I was recommended their exclusive Hydrodermabrasian facial that combines water and oxygen, their combined healing powers give smoother, more hydrated and healthier skin, however if I’m honest, I was suddenly struck with the thought that this may be very wet…

Once cocooned under warm towels in the treatment room, Imogen talked me through the facial; saline and oxygen are pumped through a small wand-like instrument that she waves close to my skin. It feels cold, a bit noisy, definitely fresh, and when I licked my lips at one point I tasted saltwater. I likened it to sitting on a rock next to the ocean and having my face beaten by the spray from crashing waves, Imogen said it was a similar feeling to being on a speedboat, either way it was refreshing and I wasn’t at all wet.

After the cool air and water combination was finished I lay back and relaxed with the rest of the facial. hydrohealing use REN products which I’m a huge fan of already. Really fabulous facial, a great treat and I’ve had lots of comments about how good my skin looks since. If you’re looking for something deep cleansing and refreshing, I couldn’t recommend this facial more. Their follow-up service is also impressive with a 20% discount on your next treatment also.

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